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Parkland Health Center Addresses Increasing COVID-19 Cases & Patient Care

Parkland Health Center Addresses Increasing COVID-19 Cases and Patient Care

(FARMINGTON, MO – November 20, 2020) – Parkland Health Center continues to monitor the number of COVID-19 cases in our communities as the situation surrounding the virus escalates across the region. 

“With positive cases quickly increasing and our COVID-19 hospital admission rates at the highest they have been throughout the course of the pandemic, Parkland is preparing to care for additional patients who will need our services,” said Annette Schnabel, President of Parkland Health Center. 

Part of these planning measures include the postponement of some elective procedures and well visits that can safely be postponed, on an individual basis. This change allows for the reassignment of care team members from these areas to assist in other patient care settings as needed. It is important to note that any patient who will be impacted by a postponed appointment will be contacted about any changes to their scheduled visit.

“Hospitalization of COVID-19 patients in our region continues to increase, but the changes being implemented are allowing for additional space and staff to continue providing exceptional care with great compassion to local residents,” said Schnabel.

The single most effective prevention measure in the absence of a vaccine is wearing a mask to reduce the spread of the virus in community settings. Many people with COVID-19 have no symptoms and can spread the virus without even knowing they are infected. Wearing a mask can prevent the spread of COVID-19 to others. It is important to remember that a face mask is not a substitute for social distancing. Individuals should still stay 6 feet away from others while wearing a mask to help reduce community spread. Frequent hand washing and avoiding large gatherings are also highly recommended to help combat the spread of infection.

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