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Parkland Health Center Honored to Participate in ''DOORS on Tour''

Parkland Health Center Honored to Participate in
Farmington Regional Chamber of Commerce’s ‘DOORS to Tour’ Campaign
‘Healthcare Heroes’ Door Designed, Painted by Local Artist, PHC Employee, Brandon Warren
(Farmington, MO – February 19, 2021) - Art on public display throughout a community carries great meaning and significance. In addition to the beauty and dialogue that art often brings, it’s a way to instill a sense of pride amongst residents while honoring cultural or historical elements that are unique to the community.
That was the goal of the Farmington Regional Chamber of Commerce when it launched its DOORS on Tour in the fall of 2020. This outdoor art museum of beautifully painted doors provides a fun activity for people of all ages, while also giving the community a memorable symbol for visitors and residents. The doors create beautiful photo opportunities for social media posts and can even be enjoyed during these times of social distancing.
The Chamber centered the campaign on doors to pay homage to the community as the doorway to the Parkland as well as the Chamber’s motto: ‘Over 75 years of opening doors for business.’ There are 18 doors on display throughout the area, each sponsored by a local business and featuring a QR code that people can scan for a list of other door locations.
A number of talented local artists were recruited to paint these solid wood doors highlighting a specific theme: first responders, healthcare heroes, veterans, natural wonders, the arts, etc. Brandon Warren, a radiology technician at Parkland Health Center (PHC) since 2003, is one of the local artists, who was selected by the Chamber to design and paint a door for the DOORS to Tour campaign.
In addition to his work in the radiology department, Warren is a local artist whose distinct, bold, pop-art style is showcased in prominent places throughout the community – Sugarfire Smokehouse in Farmington; Parkland Healthmart Pharmacy; the FCAC gymnasium; Old No. 102 Taphouse; the ‘Greetings from Farmington’ mural at Krekeler Jewelers; the Mineral Area Psychiatric Services office; and a large mural at the Missouri Shirt Company. He specializes in a variety of mediums from caricature art and murals to t-shirt designs, canvas paintings and more. Warren’s artwork has even found its way into other communities, cities and states.
“We love seeing Brandon’s work all around town and knew he would be a wonderful artist to feature in this collection,” said Candy Hente, director of the Farmington Regional Chamber of Commerce. “Working in the healthcare field made him a natural fit to design a door focused on the theme of honoring healthcare heroes.”
Warren was excited to have this opportunity to create a door for the DOORS to Tour campaign. His door also happens to be sponsored by his employer, Parkland Health Center, and featured on display on the hospital’s main campus.
“I really wanted to embrace the ‘healthcare heroes’ mantra that blanketed the year 2020 – a make-or-break year for healthcare workers. On the front side of the door, I depicted two healthcare workers in masks, face shields, caps, etc. and painted them purple, so they’re relatable to anybody. I also hinted at a tree, which is a symbol for Parkland Health Center, and by extension, our patient experience model,” said Warren. “Aside from the purple, I incorporated more natural colors – blues and greens – to allude to health and nature. The crest at the top ‘Heroes’ is meant to emulate the cover of a comic book, giving this idea that everyday people, like healthcare workers for example, are the REAL superheroes. On the backside of the door, I painted an IV fluids bag featuring the hospital’s mission statement inside the fluids. The artistic stamp is on the door, so people who know my style can look at it and instantly recognize that ‘Brandon did that!’”
Warren’s door was officially installed and unveiled on PHC’s campus at 1101 W. Liberty Street at the end of last year. His door design and messaging has really resonated with hospital staff, patients and visitors. It’s something that Warren values as both an artist and frontline healthcare worker.
“I've been an employee here for more than 17 years, and this was a great opportunity to do something that ties together two of my biggest passions,” said Warren. “As healthcare workers, people in the community have been looking to see how we’re responding to the pandemic. We don’t always have the opportunity to express what we’re feeling, but through artwork, I have an opportunity to create an enduring image that depicts healthcare workers as heroes. People don’t often see what it looks like on the frontlines and in the trenches, so I feel like I’m in a great position to shine a little light on how wonderful my co-workers really are.”
Be sure to check out Warren's Healthcare Heroes’ door at Parkland Health Center, located near the main entrance of the hospital, as well as the 18 other doors that are displayed throughout the Farmington community, as part of the DOORS on Tour campaign. For a complete list of the featured doors and their locations, visit
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