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Unitec Needs Your Assistance

An important message from Tony Myers, President of the Industry and Education Council
Unitec Career Center did not receive the normal Enhancement Grant and is short approximately 60% of their expected grant funds for its students this school year. Jeff Cauley, the new Unitec Director, is excited about his vision and leadership for our students, but we hate that he is faced with this shortage.
As a concerned member of our community and supporter of education as the President of the Industry and Education Partnership, I am excited to assist Jeff and his team. We would appreciate your consideration to help our students at Unitec. Your donation of either funds or the purchase of needed educational items our local students must have to learn and perform the skills they need to begin their career is not only appreciated but imperative this school year.  
At the end of this message please find the list of items needed. To ensure we meet and don’t exceed the number of needed items please, let Jamie Vinson, Partnership Member and HR Generalist at US Tool know what you are willing and able to contribute. Please email her at
Whatever you can do is much appreciated and will go a long way to fill this void. Jeff and his team would love for you to contact him to schedule time to drop by the facility to meet the team and take a tour. You will see the great things Jeff is implementing there. If you are providing assistance with cash or a gift card you are welcome to drop it off at the facility or mail to Unitec Career Center Attn. Jeff Cauley 7163 Raider Rd. Bonne Terre, MO 63628. If you are assisting by providing specific items that are on the list, you are encouraged to either drop them off at Unitec or let us know and we can arrange to have the items picked up. 
Our region always rally’s when we have a need. This is clearly one of those times. We already received items from Cap America, US Tool and others. Please join them for this important cause.  
Again, thank you so much for your considering this need and providing your assistance to our area students.

Unitec Career Center Student Learning Materials Needs
Item Needed                                                                  Quantity Needed
Forehead Thermometer                                              12          
Fingertip Pulse Oximeter                                            12          
Alcohol Prep Pads (Box)                                              5            
Bandaids of Various Sizes (Box)                                 20          
14/2 WG Wire                                                                3000 feet           
14/3 WG Wire                                                                3000 feet           
1/2 Inch EMT Conduit                                                  3000 feet           
Pre-Cut 2x4s                                                                   Any       
Welding Rods 3/32 7018 (Box)                                  50          
Welding Wire .035 Steel (Box)                                  10          
Dual Shield Wire 3/16 (Box)                                       2            
Porta Ban Blades (Box)                                                10          
Plasma Tips Electrodes                                                100       
3/32 Tig Wire (Aluminum Box)                                  4            
3/32 Tig Wire (Steel Box)                                            4            
Stainless Brush                                                               5            
Body Filler                         
Various Grit Sandpaper   (80-180-220-320)                           
Various Grit Long Board Sandpaper                        
Wax-Grease Remover/Surface Cleaner                  
Dust Masks                       
Safety Glasses                                                                50          
Nitrile Safety Gloves                      
16 GB Flash Drives                                                        30          
All in One Computers ****                                        25          
Box of Tissues                                                                20          
Paper Towels                                                                 20          
16 GB Flash Drives                                                        40          
All in One Computer ***                                            25          
Clorox Wipes                                                                  10          
Dull Cutting Tools to Re sharpen               
Safety Glasses                                                                40          
Carb/Parts Cleaner                                                       20          
WD-40                                                                             20          
Electrical Tape                                                               25          
Nuts and Bolts 1/4--1/2               
3/8 Air Hose (25 feet)                                                  3            
Blasting Media and Gloves                         
Laptop Computers                         
Pre-Cut 2x4’s (92 5/8)                                                  700       
7/16"X4X8 Ox board                                                    40          
16 Sinkers (Box)                                                             3            
3" Torx Screws (Box)                                                    1            
1 5/8 Inch Drywall Screws                          
7 1/4" Circular Saw Blades                                         4            
8 1/4" Circular Saw Blades                                         2