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Pebble Creek Farm

Pebble Creek Farm

Wedding/Photography Venue

About Us

After years of creating memories with couples at the Barn at Lone Eagle Landing, we set our sights on designing a new, complementary venue - one that would provide a brighter aesthetic and still blend seamlessly into the natural wonders of our acreage.

So many couples appreciate the elegant rustic feel of the Barn and consider it an outstanding backdrop to every detail they have planned. Yet others dream of a large, white, and bright space as the perfect canvas for their stunning decorations and personal touches.

As a family, we believe that our hearts grow larger with each wedding we host, leading us to make space for a second venue on our land in charming Ste. Genevieve County. We’ve poured our heart and soul into creating another affordable, accessible venue to give couples not one, but two ways to enjoy their wedding experience with us.


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