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The Market at Terre Du Lac

The Market at Terre Du Lac

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About Us

Located at the front gate of Terre Du Lac, a little building of French design has been a reminder of relaxation and freedom from the outside world for over 50 years. The building has been a welcome site to snow birds, weekenders, boat pullers and property owners for so long it has almost become legend. The property has welcomed home members of the community for generations along with those who still pull through the gate to enjoy the resort it lovingly holds guard over.
The Market became a family business by accident. Chris Marler, Michael's brother, was asked to join the restaurant after the tremendous response of the patrons. Chris had no real experience in food service but he had a passion for great food. He is the talent behind some of our most popular dishes like the fried chicken, pork steaks and meatloaf, among others. Mom joined not long after and instantly became the ''Queen of Pies''! Chris' daughter Emily began working with the rest of the family at a young age by washing dishes, bussing tables and serving customers. Little sister Suzy came along later and joined in, truly making The Market, a family affair.

Today, The Market is alive and well and welcoming residents and guests, just as it has done for over 50 years. It's been called a great many things over the years, but the most important is the name it sought from it's inception, ''The People's Place''; A place that you can walk into and see someone you haven't seen in forever; A place that exudes familiarity, warmth, charm and graciousness.


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